Have you tried every diet under the sun without success? Hypnotherapy can help you to change your relationship with food permanently. Why is it that whenever we try a diet we may lose weight initially and then as soon as we stop the diet, the weight creeps back on again? The reason is that we have not actually changed our lifestyle or our relationship with food. We all tend to eat for different reasons, most commonly, comfort or boredom and yet if we listened to our body and only ate when we were hungry then not only would we lose weight but also we would be able to obtain more pleasure from our food.


Hypnotherapy is able to permanently change your relationship with food so that you can enjoy a healthy lifestyle and reach your ideal weight.

I would normally see you for an initial consultation followed by a course of four sessions, which would take place over a period of two months.


During that time you will agree to lose at least a stone in weight although many clients will lose two stones in that time.   My aim is to teach you habits that will become part of your normal lifestyle so that when your treatment is finished you will continue to lose weight or maintain your weight loss.