30 Aug

I find that the majority of people who come to me with weight problems tend to consume too many refined carbohydrates such as bread and pasta. People consume these food types primarily for the full feeling they give them in their stomach. Refined carbohydrates are generally tasteless and are mainly used to bulk out the more flavoursome foods such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables.<br>

In order to lose weight we need to listen to our body and learn to eat like a gourmet, appreciating aroma, texture, taste, and flavour.<br>

When we eat less refined carbohydrates we naturally increase our intake of fruit and vegetables; foods which pass quickly through our intestines releasing vitamins as they go.<br>

An example of a nutritious and delicious carb free meal, which is easy to prepare, would be a grilled salmon steak served with roasted vegetables and salad.


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