I am a 45 year old mum of 2 who has struggled with my weight all my life. And I mean really struggled! My attitude was “life is too short so if you enjoy your food and drink –then have it!” After meeting Judi for my first session my attitude completely changed. She has totally turned around my thinking and attitude towards food. Her attitude and enthusiasm is so positive that you will not fail. I have now lost 18lbs in five weeks and I am well on my way to losing 2 stone. And the main thing is – it’s easy! I have enjoyed losing weight for the first time in my life. Don’t wait – get in touch with Judi today.
Thank you Judi. M H

In three weeks’ time, I am off to India on a trip I have dreamed of for years. My own ‘eat, pray, love’ experience – and yes, I included the word ‘eat’. For over four decades I have battled against my body, and sustained and nurtured all those feelings of failure and low self esteem that seem to seep into every aspect of your life. That was, until six months ago when I walked into Judi’s space, tearful, stressed and exhausted. What Judi gave me was the confidence and tools to face the all-too-familiar demons, see how easy it is to be in control of things that really mattered to me and should never have been out of control, and to find a simple and fun way forward for the future. I’ve lost two stone and am still losing, but what I’ve gained is a pleasure in who I am and a confidence to live my life the way I have always wanted to live it. Thank You Judi – I’ll send a postcard from India. B C

At the end of a working day I used to enjoy a glass of wine whilst cooking the evening meal. A glass would become half a bottle or even a bottle, over a week the units add up! Judi has given me the skills to break the habit. I still enjoy a drink socially but don’t routinely wind down with a glass of wine. I’ve lost 19lbs in two months and feel confident to continue with my healthier lifestyle. Thank you Judi. C M

When I arrived at my first session with you, I was a very unhappy person. My self esteem was at its lowest due to my weight problems. Within 8 weeks I had lost 1st 7lbs. It is difficult to put into words how this has changed my life, however, I am exercising regularly, (walking swimming and even Zumba classes; which has given me a new healthy lifestyle. Also, my confidence in my appearance is back. Although the temptations of Christmas are now behind me, getting into that black dress for Christmas was well worth it. I feel I have changed my way of eating and the need for exercise. Thank you so much Judi, it was money well spent. G B

When I had my first session, at the end of August, I was very sceptical and when Judi told me I would reach my goal weight by 1 November I was not convinced but was really determined to give it my all. At the first meeting we discussed my weight history and lifestyle and set a target to lose 14 pounds by the final session. I actually lost the 14 pounds before the 3rd session so revised my target for the final session. In total I have lost 20 pounds taking me from a size 12 to an 8 -10 and I do feel amazing. Judi has really tackled my willpower issues and also helped me to focus on staying slim. I look and feel so much better for being slimmer, my self confidence has improved and its absolutely fantastic being able to wear whatever I like and not dressing to disguise the lumps and bumps! Judi, I can’t thank you enough for helping me to become a slimmer, happier me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone who wants to lose weight. Kind regards. P J

I want to start by saying massive thanks for all your help and wish I had done this years ago. I was very sceptical at the thought of hypnotherapy to lose weight but after hearing someone I knew had tried it and had seen results I decided to give it a go. Judi made me feel at ease in a safe, secure environment. Since the birth of my daughter I struggled to lose any weight. I met with Judi in May where she helped me identify where I was going wrong and gave me a focus. My biggest issue was carbs. I was eating carbs with every meal and any snacks I was having were also carbs then I was doing very little exercise to burn any of them off. In my mind I thought by eating cereal bars I was having a healthy snack but when looking at my eating across a full day this was just adding to more carbs that were not being burned off and turning to fat. I found the sessions very relaxing and looked forward to meeting with Judi. By my third session I had lost a stone. I found the food diary very helpful and when I knew I had a busy day ahead I would write my meals in for the following day to avoid the temptation of grabbing something unhealthy when I was in a rush, something I would do for ‘quickness’ before. I make sure that I am organised and plan my food where I need to. My whole outlook on food has changed now; I shop differently putting fresh fruit and veg at the top of my shopping list rather than bread, cakes, biscuits etc. I eat more healthily now than I have ever eaten and feel great for it. When I first met Judi I had a broken foot so was unable to achieve my goal for steps each day but I have now purchased a pedometer and have started using the treadmill on a morning before I start work to build up my steps. I cannot begin to thank Judi enough. I am more confident and feel better in myself. I would recommend hypnotherapy to anyone. BA

I have struggled with my weight much of my adult life mainly due to an obsession with food but now that I have coronary artery disease it is imperative I maintain a healthy weight to prevent a further heart attack. I managed to lose a fair amount of weight on my own but found I was struggling so decided to consult Judi Butler. I was flabbergasted when she said she expected me to lose 1 stone in 2 months and I did not think it was possible but I have lost 1 stone 8lbs in that time. I am convinced the daily walking has made all the difference. Although Judi must see thousands of people she makes you feel that you matter to her, that you are special and that she really wants you to succeed. She has a gentle manner and is very encouraging but has a no nonsense approach to weight loss and will not countenance any excuses. She can’t wave a magic wand to make losing weight easy but with determination and her help you can do it. I no longer feel obsessed with food and it is this change in my attitude that makes me confident I will maintain a healthy weight. M H

I have been dieting on and off for more than 10 years, only to lose small amounts of weight and then quickly put on the weight and more. The approach Judi has used with me has assisted in me thinking and more importantly acting differently. I have lost 4 stone in just over 6 months. Which is great, but I am now following life style changes, which I am able to put into practice. My mobility has dramatically increased and I feel and look more positive. M R

I have been going to Slimming World and Weight Watchers for years. I lived my life my counting sins or points. I lost a few pounds here and there and gained them back within a few weeks once I stopped following the SW or WW plans. I went to see Judi in May, consistently lost weight and reached my target weight in August. I now live my life to the full. I feel so confident now that I am slim. I do not follow any diet and I have kept the weight off. I feel as if I have broken free from the dreaded ‘I need to go on a diet’ conversations. Best money I have ever spent! I have recommended Judi to many of my friends and they have shared the same success as me. HS

I am delighted with the results – working with Judi has given me a structure, self-awareness and an inner sense of determination which has been invaluable. I always felt safe and looked after in the sessions and I have already lost two stones and am well on my way to reaching my weight target. L B

Having tried to lose weight for years, I have finally been given the clarity, confidence and determination to succeed – I just wish I’d met Judi years ago. Judi provided me with a safe, supportive and honest environment in which to understand the reasons why I lost control of my weight and a framework to regain control. It works! C B

I’d never engaged with hypnotherapy before and was extremely sceptical. It sounds dramatic but working with Judi has changed my life. I’m 3 stones lighter, feel fantastic and have a more positive outlook. I’ve now recommended a number of friends to Judi, who’ve had similar success. Prof M S

‘Over the course of 4 sessions with Judi I have lost a stone and a half. Hypnotherapy has helped me to accept that I am responsible for my weight and what I put into my body. By learning to eat only when I am truly hungry, I now enjoy food so much more! I am finally on the right track to my healthy target weight.’ L H

I think hypnotherapy has fundamentally changed my relationship with food, and exercise. I have lost over 2 stones, despite having suffered a fractured shoulder – that laid me up for a month, and would have been an ideal time for me to turn to food for comfort – and gain weight. I no longer over eat, I enjoy food – but it is not the most important thing in my life. I make better choices; will the bar of chocolate make me happier, than my ultimate goal of being slim? and now I know the right answer, whereas before the chocolate won – and that’s how I got to the size I was, and was unhappy with.I still have a long way to go, but I have confidence that I will be able to do it, and soon! A S

I just wanted to thank you again. My fortnightly weigh in was this morning and, since my first appointment with you, I have lost a stone in weight. No need to reply just thought you would like to know how much you have helped me. K M

Judi has made the difference for me. She has gently guided me on the path of losing 2 stone plus – and still counting! – : no pain, no hassle – just genuine long term weight loss. I was highly sceptical before: now I believe in Judi and hypnotherapy for weight loss. L B

I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Name a diet and I’ve tried it: Atkins, Weight Watchers, using slimming tablets to suppress my appetite….but the outcome was always the same. I’d lose some weight, but then put it back on and then some. I felt restricted on any diet that I tried. The pattern I had fallen into in to in the last couple of years was trying to be “good” i.e. eating nothing all day. This never worked as I would be starving by 8pm so I’d reach for the takeaway menu. I would class my days as being “good” or “naughty” and I would also class food in the same way. I was always thinking about food, whether it was how much food I could squeeze in before my diet started again on Monday, or what I wasn’t allowed to eat. I was constantly miserable. I decided to contact Judi after reading an article about hypnotherapy for weight loss in a magazine. After an initial consultation with her I signed up for 4 sessions. We discussed my eating habits and the reason behind why I ate, whether it was because of boredom or for comfort. After the first session I felt positive that I had taken the right step towards permanent weight loss. After four sessions I’m on my way to losing 2 stone without even trying. My whole relationship with food has changed. I eat until I’m full, rather than eating until there’s nothing left on the plate, I am organised in planning what I’m going to eat and I enjoy what I eat. I tell people that it’s not a diet and if I really want something that would’ve normally been classed as “naughty” food, I have it, but now I know I don’t need to eat to the extent I once did. Friends and family are now signing up to sessions with Judi after seeing how easily I have lost weight. The only regret I have is not trying hypnotherapy years ago. N M

I came to Judi for problems with weight. I had successfully lost weight in the past but had never managed to keep the weight off. At first I was sceptical about hypnotherapy, thinking that I would lose control and that Judi would have complete power over me. I soon realized that hypnosis is merely a pleasant state of relaxation. After just one week I had lost 10 pounds and after 2 months it was closer to 2 stones. It wasn’t just my weight that changed but my entire attitude towards diet, exercise ad life. Seeing Judi left me with a thinner waistline, much more confidence and a pile of clothes which no longer fit. If you think that you have tried it all before then you are in for a shock as Judi will completely change your life for the better. J D

I have attended four sessions of hypnotherapy for weight loss over 8 weeks, during which time I have lost 19lbs. While there is still some way to go, I do feel that Judi has left me in a much stronger position to carry on my own than I ever been in before. Above all, she has taught me that it is possible both to eat less and exercise more while carrying on my normal life. At last, after numerous attempts to diet, I now know that losing weight is possible without radical changes to my lifestyle. W C

I never really had a weight problem until I reached my 50s, when due to bad eating habits my dress size rocketed from 10 to 14. I didn’t feel good about myself and my confidence was very low. I knew if I didn’t do something about it I would soon be a size 16. A friend recommended Judi to me and it is the best recommendation I have ever received. After the hypnotherapy sessions I started to analyse my eating habits and quickly reverted back to sensible eating. With Judi’s positive guidance I have regained my youthful confidence. I no longer eat for eating’s sake. Best of all I’m a size 10 again. Thank you Judi. S L

Just a short note to say how delighted I am to have lost 2 stone in just over 3 months–what a wonderful start I feel 100 times better in every way. I must say when I first came to you I was a little dubious and had my doubts–but you are amazing, I will recommend you to all my fat friends can’t wait to see you again, less I hope by at least. Another halve stone. G C

I found my course with Judi has centred me and put me where I wanted to be, in many aspects of my thinking, not just about my weight. Her direct and straightforward approach was exactly what I needed. It gave me the drive and ambition to get my weight exactly where I wanted it to be, with no compromises because I am over 40 and have had 3 children. Why should I compromise and be a faded version of what I can be? When I look in the mirror I now think “You rock girl! Go for it!” And I am much happier and enjoying all aspects of my life so much more. Thank you! J S

I heard about Judi from some friends who started to lose weight with Judi. I have always been of a slim build but over the last few years my weight was gradually increasing and although I had never really dieted I knew that I had no will power and could not stick to a diet. I met Judi and we agreed that I should aim for a stone but I did want to lose a little more, but we decided to see how it went.
I started with Judi in June and within 7 weeks I had achieved not only the stone but 3 lbs more. Judi sessions were great, they also helped me to relax, something I’m not really used to doing in my busy life. Judi’s advice is fantastic! I never wavered from my goal and found it so easy to achieve my weight loss. I feel fantastic and have a confidence that had disappeared over the last few years. I went on holiday for 10 days and returned with only a pound increase I was delighted. It is now 3 months on and I am still slim the work Judi has done with me will remain with me the rest of my life. I have several friends who scoffed when I told them about the work Judi does and how they said it wouldn’t work. How wrong they were! Needless to say they are now clients of Judi’s and losing weight. My friends and I agree this was the best money we have ever spent. H J

Dear Judi. Thank you so much for changing my life. I really felt in despair and almost cancelled my first appointment. I dread to think how I would feel now if I hadn’t asked for your help! In five months I have lost over 3 stones. I feel fantastic, far more in control; I really believe I can get to where I want to be. You have given me no nonsense solid support and I have been amazed how that ‘switch’ in my mind has been turned on. I truly couldn’t have done it without you. Many many thanks. BD

Just a note to say that I am off to Marbella with the girls tomorrow roughly one and a half stones lighter! I could not be happier. Thank You. B C

For years I have struggled with my weight, which had slowly increased over several years. Having met a friend who had successfully lost a lot of weight through hypnotherapy with Judi Butler, I decided to have a go myself. On first meeting Judi I realised her straight talking, no nonsense approach was exactly what I needed to re-discover the will power I once had. Judi set a target of losing 1 stone in 8 weeks, which following her instructions I achieved easily and enjoyably. I have since lost a further 6lbs and I am feeling better, more confident and comfortable than I have for a long time, and I am receiving daily compliments over my weight loss. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this form of weight loss and truly believe with the help Judi has given me, I will maintain my new lower weight. AL

Dear Judi. I am so pleased that you have helped me to change my eating habits. I feel that you have given me the key to the lock. Thank you so much for all of your help and encouragement. I will be eternally grateful that I had the good fortune to have you as my therapist. HL

Hi Judi. Sitting at the airport ready to fly to Australia and weighing in at 10st 1lb. Really delighted and can’t thank you enough for putting me on the right track. Even my pants are too big!! Thank you. CL

Thank you so much Judi, you have been really instrumental in helping me to change my mind set. L K