I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. Name a diet and I’ve tried it: Atkins, Weight Watchers, using slimming tablets to suppress my appetite….but the outcome was always the same. I’d lose some weight, but then put it back on and then some. I felt restricted on any diet that I tried. The pattern I had fallen into in to in the last couple of years was trying to be “good” i.e. eating nothing all day. This never worked as I would be starving by 8pm so I’d reach for the takeaway menu. I would class my days as being “good” or “naughty” and I would also class food in the same way. I was always thinking about food, whether it was how much food I could squeeze in before my diet started again on Monday, or what I wasn’t allowed to eat. I was constantly miserable.

I decided to contact Judi after reading an article about hypnotherapy for weight loss in a magazine. After an initial consultation with her I signed up for 4 sessions. We discussed my eating habits and the reason behind why I ate, whether it was because of boredom or for comfort. After the first session I felt positive that I had taken the right step towards permanent weight loss. After four sessions I’m on my way to losing 2 stone without even trying. My whole relationship with food has changed. I eat until I’m full, rather than eating until there’s nothing left on the plate, I am organised in planning what I’m going to eat and I enjoy what I eat. I tell people that it’s not a diet and if I really want something that would’ve normally been classed as “naughty” food, I have it, but now I know I don’t need to eat to the extent I once did.

Friends and family are now signing up to sessions with Judi after seeing how easily I have lost weight. The only regret I have is not trying hypnotherapy years ago.