I heard about Judi from some friends who started to lose weight with Judi. I have always been of a slim build but over the last few years my weight was gradually increasing and although I had never really dieted I knew that I had no will power and could not stick to a diet. I met Judi and we agreed that I should aim for a stone but I did want to lose a little more, but we decided to see how it went.
I started with Judi in June and within 7 weeks I had achieved not only the stone but 3 lbs more. Judi sessions were great, they also helped me to relax, something I’m not really used to doing in my busy life. Judi’s advice is fantastic!
I never wavered from my goal and found it so easy to achieve my weight loss. I feel fantastic and have a confidence that had disappeared over the last few years. I went on holiday for 10 days and returned with only a pound increase I was delighted.
It is now 3 months on and I am still slim the work Judi has done with me will remain with me the rest of my life. I have several friends who scoffed when I told them about the work Judi does and how they said it wouldn’t work. How wrong they were! Needless to say they are now clients of Judi’s and losing weight.
 My friends and I agree this was the best money we have ever spent.