30 Aug

I have worked recently with a client who had been asked to address a large audience in London regarding her recent work. Although very eminent in her field she was apprehensive about addressing such an extensive gathering and felt that in the past she had not performed to the best of her ability in this type of situation. Across, 4 sessions we worked on body language, timing, vocal coaching and the effective use of humour and anecdote. Most importantly we talked about the art of persuasion and how certain words and phrases can be used strategically in order to influence the audience. My client felt that her subject, being of a scientific nature, was a relatively difficult one to enliven but through the use of particular vocabulary and the insertion of personal anecdote and humour we created an enthralling lecture. My client presented the piece to me within a session, I gave her feedback and the result was that, at the event, she felt confident and received extremely positive feedback regarding her presentation.


Great communicators touch your head and your heart.

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